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Schireson Associates is a strategic data science consulting firm that helps global companies decode rapidly shifting marketing forces and market dynamics. We pair world class data scientists with industry leading business strategists to transform businesses and optimize for better outcomes and efficiencies.

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Robust, data-driven answers to key business questions.

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Turning insights into recommendations, activations and adoption.

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Custom apps & services to deliver data science to your users or systems.

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Deploying data-driven solutions across an organization.


We believe that the right skills paired with the right information can drive breakthroughs. We've been helping clients navigate uncertainty and accelerate growth for over 15 years.

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With Schireson it's more than the right answers. It's the right questions.

Geoffrey Moore

Author of Crossing the Chasm
Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures

Our most impactful decisions started and finished with exceptional insights from Schireson.

Senior Director of Marketing, Microsoft

The world has data coming out of its ears. The genius of Schireson is how they use data to make creative leaps possible.

Martin Puris

Founder, Ammirati & Puris
Inductee, Creative Hall of Fame

Schireson helped us understand pricing fundamentals in our dynamic market and build a valuable model for our portfolio.

Michael van Dijken

Product Marketing

our marketing science solutions

Advanced Advertising Solutions

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Identify & Retain New Customers

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Brand Identity & Permissions

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Messaging & Activation

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Build and Monetize Data Assets

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Product & Service Innovation

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Pricing & Packaging

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Cultural Thought Leadership

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Content & Investment Strategy

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our team has a unique combination of skills

Software Designers & Developers
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Quant & Qual Researchers
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Data Scientists & Data Engineers
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Strategists & Innovators
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executive team

Photo of Ethan Bauman.
Ethan Bauman
Senior Partner

Ethan leads strategy and consulting teams focused on developing customer intimacy within organizations, reaching new markets, and inspiring disruptive innovation.

Photo of Jacob Harris.
Jacob Harris

Jacob leads major data science and data strategy engagements, bringing to bear advanced techniques, strategy, research and cultural intelligence to address critical needs for clients.

Photo of Nathan Hugenberger.
Nathan Hugenberger
Managing Partner & CTO

Nathan is the CTO of Schireson Associates and the co-leader of our data science practice. He oversees engagements and teams spanning data science, software engineering, and product management.

Photo of Jeff Kingsley.
Jeff Kingsley
Managing Partner & COO

Jeff is the COO of Schireson Associates and is responsible for the overall performance of the company, including business development, finance, people and operations.

Photo of Roberto Lartigue.
Roberto Lartigue
Managing Partner

Roberto leads the strategy and consulting practice at Schireson, leveraging existing data, primary research, social analytics, and cultural context and applying them in ways that make sense to marketers, strategists, and executives alike.

Photo of Shirin Malkani.
Shirin Malkani

Shirin creates and expands relationships with strategic partners and oversees the company’s legal function. She works to help navigate the company’s growth and expanding service offerings while furthering the strategic priorities of clients and other partners.

Photo of Samantha Maltin.
Samantha Maltin
Senior Partner

Samantha leads new business development, primarily in media and consumer goods, leveraging her deep experience in the media and entertainment business. She also manages Schireson's brand marketing.

Photo of Kunal Randery.
Kunal Randery

Kunal leads many of our software and technology initiatives, leveraging his deep expertise in data science, big data, cloud computing, software architecture, and agile development.

Photo of Kern Schireson.
Kern Schireson
Founder & Chairman

Kern serves as Chairman of Schireson Associates. Additonally, he is currently Chief Data Officer at Viacom.

Photo of Travis Scoles.
Travis Scoles

Travis is SVP of Schireson’s Media Optimization practice, where he leads teams of data scientists and engineers primarily focused on advanced advertising. He also spearheads capability integration initiatives, tailoring Schireson’s expertise in prediction and optimization to the unique business objectives of companies in the media industry.

Photo of Neil Shah.
Neil Shah
Senior Partner

Neil leads research and consulting teams focused on developing breakthrough products, services and communications strategies, helping our tech clients transform markets – and launch into new ones.

Photo of Ollie Zimmermann.
Ollie Zimmermann
Managing Partner

Ollie is the co-leader of Schireson’s data science practice. He oversees client engagements and manages our teams focused on advanced research, advanced analytics, and data science.

diversity & inclusion

I personally believe that diversity in all its forms makes life more interesting - and makes us a smarter, better, and more adaptable company.

At Schireson we want every individual who works here to be themselves. To be passionate, interesting, and human. To be honest and brave enough to be wrong. To grow and learn and make one another better every day.

Whoever you are wherever you come from and whatever you believe, if you are interested in being part of a team that is united by our insatiable appetite for solving hard problems, we’d like to invite you be one of us.

Kern Schireson


Schireson is a strategic data science consulting firm with offices in New York, Boston, Seattle, Austin, and San Francisco. We always aim to do superb work, and we always try to make the experience of working with us delightful. We also try to have fun while we’re doing it.

Our clients are market leaders from a wide range of industries, including media & entertainment, technology, professional services, non-profit, financial services, and automotive among other categories. We forge deep, on-going relationships with our clients, and in return they trust us to help them navigate their most complex business challenges.

Our academic backgrounds are varied – from PhDs to BAs, from Ivy League schools to state schools. Many of us have professional roots in tech and marketing, and our collective previous experience spans music, entrepreneurship, market research, venture capital, investment banking and management consulting.